Mid-Century Czech Vase with Cut Detail

Product Information

This extremely appealing Czech vase probably dates from somewhere between the 1930s and early 1950s.  Of a traditional shape, the piece incorporates a cut pattern reminiscent of many Czech or Bohemian pieces from the earlier half of the 20th Century and prior.  Throughout the long heritage of glassmaking in Czechoslovakia, skills of engraving, cutting and creating optical illusions had been developed and honed so even as tastes and designs began to change in the middle part of teh 20th Century, so Czech glassmakers and designers continued to utilise the skills they had learnt.  This is very evident in this piece in its petrol/indigo blue colour, associated with so many Czech designs.  Although not attributed to any glassworks or maker, this remains a truly stunning and desirable piece.  Height: 25.2cm; Diameter (at widest point): 8.8cm;  Weight: 500g

Cost: £25.00

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