A Rhapsody bowl by Frantisek Zemek

Product Information

This is a beautiful bowl forming part of the "Rhapsody" range designed by Frantisek Zemek. Frantisek Zemek began designing the Rhapsody range around 1955-56 for the Mstisov glassworks and the trends from this period are clearly seen in the organically-shaped vases, bowls and baskets produced.  The beautifully-toned colouring is a consistent theme throughout the pieces in the range and creates obvious appeal. This bowl originates from the second incarnation of the Rhapsody range created in 1959.  This is because the colouring is applied in the form of straps rather than prunts which was the feature of teh original design. In addition, it also carries the added bonus of a makers mark etched to the base.  The circled "M" indicates this piece was made by the great Moser factory which continued producing the range from 1963 after Mstisov closed, dating this particular bowl to the mid-1960s. The bowl is in excellent condition for its age with no discernable damage whatsoever.  The sculptural form with toning colours in what is a decorative as well as practical piece makes this a desirable piece. Height: 6.2cm; Diameter: 26cm; Weight: 1.18kg

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