Skrdlovice Flared Vase by Rudolf Beranek

Product Information

This is a wonderful topas and green flared vase by Rudolf Beranek in 1963, pattern no. 6348.  These colours are classic Skrdlovice colours from the period and are blended beautifully and skillfully in this piece to great effect. This is a feature piece whether intended as a decorative addition for the home or as part of a collection.  Being a full 12 inches in height, this piece really stands-out.  The way the colours melt into each other is a joy, particularly when seen in daylight. It represents a period when the Skrdlovice factory was honing its skills and was producing pieces of greater quality, such as this. The condition is excellent for its age. There is nothing more than a little light scratching to the base. Height: 30cm; Diameter: 18cm (at widest point); Weight: 2.7kg

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