Skrdlovice Galaxy Vase

Product Information

A stunning large Galaxy vase designed by Miloslava Svobodova for Skrdlovice in 1965, pattern no. 6534.  The wonderful textured surface is created by rolling the core body in glass chips.  In this example, contrasting colours have been used by applying green chips on an amber body.  This is the largest size of three being 40cm in height, though it is believed an even larger one was made.  Naturally, it is a heavy piece weighing close to 4kg. For this reason it took up to three people to blow these vases and, given its size, this team usually included master glassblower, Frantisek Spinar. All in all, this is a signature piece both for its decorative appeal as well as its design heritage making it extremely desirable and a key addition to any collection. The vase is in superb condition with no apparent damage whatsoever. Height: 40cm; Diameter:11.5cm; Weight: 4kg

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