Skrdlovice “Kangaroo” Vase by Milena Veliskova

Product Information

A wonderful "Kangaroo" vase by Milena Veliskova for the Skrdlovice glassworks dating from 1955, pattern number 5555.  The vase was given its name because of the blue pouch of glass on its side.  With its curved, organic, flowing shape this vase is typical of designs from this period. This vase is in good condition for its age with only minor scratching to the base, though there is one "bubble" within the glass about half a centimetre in diameter. However, because It has been well looked after, the rosalin and blue colours are really clear in this piece.  This is a little cracker. Height: 26.5cm Diameter: 11.5cm Weight: 1.3kg

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