Skrdlovice Orchid Vase by Karel Wunsch

Product Information

This great design by Karel Wunsch from the mid-1970s has two apertures: a conventional one in the top plus a second feature one at the bulbous point of the vase, where a small reservoir of water could keep a tender stem displaying at its best for as long as possible. The vase, though, is extremely appealing in its own right and doesn't need the addition of flowers.  The half-casing, in topas in this example, is very effective.  It is in keeping with a variety of designs from Skrdlovice around the time this was designed. Karel Wunsch designed this in 1976, pattern no. 7610. The vase is also beautifully tactile and sits comfortably within your palms. This example is in the smaller of the two sizes in which this design was produced, being 14cm high.  The larger version is 17cm high. The condition is excellent with barely a blemish anywhere on the piece. Height: 14cm; Diameter: 12.5cm; Weight: 1.15kg

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