Small “Rhapsody” Bowl by Frantisek Zemek

Product Information

This bowl hails from the orginal incarnation of the "Rhapsody" range, designed in 1956 by Frantisek Zemek for the Mstisov glassworks.  Bearing lobes, or prunts, of contrasting colour, its organic, non-symmetrical shape is a common feature across the range.  These unique features clearly make this design relatively unique and one which stands-out against many others. The "Rhapsody" pieces were skilfully made, being worked into their form and having the colours applied by the glassmaker whilst the glass was still hot. The bowl is in excellent vintage condition, with just some scratching to the base commensurate with a piece of this age. This bowl may be relatively small but it still carries some impact and desirability for its size. Height: 6.5cm; Diameter: 15.3cm; Weight: 650g

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